Travel Award

The ARLIS/NA Upstate New York chapter is pleased to announce the availability of a $300 conference travel award  to help to defray the expense of attending the 2017 Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana from February 5-9.

This award is intended to encourage professional development by supporting travel to the conference.

Use the ARLIS NA Upstate New York Travel Award Application to apply.

Applications are due by Tuesday, December 27.

Please send applications to: Marsha Taichman at

Applicants must be a member of ARLIS Upstate NY and ARLIS/NA. All ARLIS Upstate NY members are eligible for the award. The applicant must be unable to receive full institutional funding toward ARLIS/NA conference travel. Preference will be given to first-time attendees and those who are participating in the conference as a speaker or moderator, or serving as a committee member.

Past Travel Award Recipients

2016: Tina Chan
2015: Marsha Taichman
2014: Sandra Brown
2012: Amy Melton – Toronto
2010: Kathy Corcoran – Boston, MA
2008: Gabriela Zoller – Denver, CO
2007: Greta Bahneman – Atlanta, GA
2006: Kathryn Vaughn – Banff, BC
2005: Elizabeth Gulacsy – Houston, TX
2004: Elizabeth Hylen – New York, NY
2003: Susan Miller – Baltimore, MD
2002: No award given – St. Louis, MO
2001: Becky Simmons – Los Angeles, CA
2000: Eric Schwab – Pittsburgh, PA
1999: No award given – Vancouver, BC
1998: Becky Simmons – Philadelphia, PA
1997: Rachel Stuhlman – San Antonio
1996: Elisabeth Gulacsy – Miami Beach, FL
1995: Susan Nurse – Montreal, Quebec
1994: Tracey Lemon – Providence, RI