ARLIS/WNY has presented a professional development award of four hundred dollars to a chapter member since 1994. This award is intended to help members, particularly new professionals, become involved in ARLIS/NA by attending the Annual ARLIS/NA Conference.

Applicants for the award must be dues-paying members of ARLIS/WNY and ARLIS/NA. All ARLIS/WNY members are eligible for the award. The chapter’s officers, members who have never attended the national conference, and those who will be participating in the conference as speakers, session/program moderators, moderators of a section, division or roundtable, or serving on committees are especially encouraged to apply for the award.

Applicants for the award should include a current resume and a letter describing the applicant’s participation in the conference (if applicable), the benefits anticipated from conference attendance, and all travel funding expected from the applicant’s institution or other sources.

Please email materials to Kari Horowicz, by March 8, 2010, 5pm.

Award will be announced March 15, 2010. (Award Committee, Kari Horowicz, Beth Hylen and Gabriela Zoller)


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