ARLIS Western New York will soon be ARLIS/NA Upstate New York!

The Upstate New York Chapter of ARLIS/NA is having a competition for a new logo. We would like to invite you to submit proposals for the new logo.

Deadline & Prize

The deadline for submissions is December 9, 2013.

The winner will receive $100. The winning logo will be used on the ARLIS Upstate NY chapter’s website, Facebook page, documents, and promotional materials. The winner will be selected by members of ARLIS Upstate NY. The designer of the winning logo will be featured on the Chapter’s website.

Submission Guidelines

You must incorporate the text “ARLIS/NA Upstate NY” or “ARLIS/NA Upstate New York” into your design. You may use the text “Art Libraries Society of North America” instead of ARLIS/NA.

Your entry should be submitted as a high resolution JPEG or TIFF to Yvette Cortes at:

Please include your name, institution, and phone number in the body of each email submission.

Use the subject line:  ARLIS Upstate NY Logo Competition

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