Randi Millman-Brown, Visual Resources Curator at Ithaca College, was recently featured on The Artist & the Librarian.

“I am a Visual Resources Curator at Ithaca College and a photographer. I currently am working on a series of photographs made from scanned old and moldy 35mm slides from the Ithaca College slide collection. These images show the effect of mold and the deterioration of the dye layers in slides formerly used in art history lectures.

I also maintain a blog about color, as well as the Visual Resources Center’s website and Facebook page!”

You can read the full article on The Artist & the Librarian Tumblr page:

The Artist and The Librarian project is ongoing. If anyone is interested in participating and is both an artist and a librarian, send an email to Sarah Burris at: burrissm771@hotmail.com for more details.


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