We are now accepting donations for the 2014 ARLIS/NA Upstate NY Silent Auction!

When: The Silent Auction will take place during the ARLIS/NA Upstate NY Fall Meeting on Friday, October 3 at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

What: Whatever you want to donate, i.e. a handcrafted item, jewelry, a photographic print, a painting, a bottle of wine, a beautiful book, specialty teas or candles, fall bulbs!, seed packets. Whatever brings you joy to give or receive.

What will the monies raised be used for: To support student travel awards and/or professional development scholarships.

How: Fill out the ARLIS/NA Upstate NY Donation Form, scan it, and send it to Rose Orcutt or Barbara Opar at the address below. You may deliver your contribution(s) in person when you attend the fall meeting. You are also welcome to send your contribution ahead of time to one of the organizers (please contact via e-mail in advance) who will make certain that your item is delivered to the site and displayed in the most advantageous manner possible.
Keep in mind: Some costs related to auction donations are tax deductible! (so save your receipts).

Questions? Please contact the Silent Auction Planning Committee:

Rose Orcutt: rmorcutt@Buffalo.edu or
Barbara Opar: baopar@syr.edu

Last year’s Silent Auction was a success, we made $350! Here’s to another successful year!


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